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  • Working time accessed by vibration recording equipment for: vehicle machinery of the building industry, agriculture & foresting machinery and mining equipment – machinery that works in places.
  • Software – for evaluation of the recorded working times, it provides a unique comprehensive solution.
    It is equipped with a reasonable easy control interface that enables a comfortable fast handling of the data. It supports the management by the costs control of the machinery.

The YELLOW System for clear complete Assessing und Monitoring of all Operating Times


€ 129.00

Software SW-100

The YELLOW Activity Monitoring System is a low-cost, low-maintenance system that aids with fleet management.

This rugged, electronic system provides a means of easily and accurately monitoring the working patterns of plant, heavy or light vehicles, cars, delivery vehicles or any other mobile equipment.

Activity data is recorded and stored, transferred and processed with little or no human intervention. This means that there is very little chance of data loss, corruption or tempering.

Accurate reports of fleet or vehicle activity may be easily produced using the Windows PC-based software. The produced reports are shown in spreadsheet and graphically format on the monitor and printouts. Control monitoring of service intervals, logging of service and repair costs are parts of this programme too.

This programme is true dual language operated it may be switched any time say from English to German or vice versa.

Export of data to other programmes is of course possible too.

The SW-100 is a CD-ROM containing the software that needs to be installed to a PC.



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VR272 Datasheet


1-9     € 374.00
10-19  € 347.00
20+     € 286.00

Vibration Recorder VR272

The new recorder is a smaller and more rugged unit that is mounted on any surface that experiences vibrations while working. It is dust- and water-resistant, tamper proof and UV rays protected.

The unit is self-contained, no external connections are required, and all functions are controlled internally. It operates for up to two years using a pair of monobloc 9 Volt batteries.

The data storing capacity is adequate for approx. 228 hours, about four working weeks. 

In a simple, once-off operation Activity Recorders are user-programmed with a unique registration number. This number is stored in the recorders indefinitely and is used to identify data belonging to each vehicle.

Engine operation may optionally also be monitored by connecting the hour meter cable (HR-25), supplied with the Activity Recorder, to the ignition, oil pressure switch or across an existing hour meter.


VR272R Datasheet


1-9     € 476.00
10-19  € 442.00
20+     € 361.00



Vibration Recorder VR272R

The Activity Recorder VR272R is basically the same as the VR272. It has been equipped additionally with a 12-position dial switch on its front panel.

This dial may be user-configured to record work conditions, work categories, breakdowns, different work locations, customers, operators etc. Reports in the system software permit analysis of work-categorised activities.

These units contain a clock/calendar and store the time and date and activity information when any of the following events occur:

  • presence of work vibrations - stored as the average intensity during each minute,
  • changes in the state of an external voltage - used to monitor ignition or engine running time,
  • changes in the position of the 12-position dial - used by the operator to identify the type of work or work code.
8 strong points speaking for the Yellow System

DG-1281 Datasheet


1-9     € 204.00
10-19  € 191.00
20+     € 157.00

Data Gatherer DG1281

The Data Gatherer is a pocket-sized unit to collect data from one or more Activity Recorders. The unit is dust and water resistant and tamper proof.

The Data Gatherer is quick and easy to use. All activity data is extracted from an Activity Recorder by simply pushing the Data Gatherer into the Activity Recorder adapter socket for only a few seconds. A similar operation transfers all collected activity data to a PC via a Desk Reader.

This interface for the data gatherer was designed rigidly to take account of the environment wherein it is used.

The Data Gatherer can collect data from at least 16 Activity Recorders.



1-9     € 123.00
10-19  € 116.00
20+     €   96.00

Desk Reader DR72

The Desk Reader DR72 provides the communication link between Data Gatherer DG1281 and a PC.

The Desk Reader is connected to a PC via USB interface.

Summary on available Activity Recorders and prices

This picture is showing the downloading from the Activity Recorder to the Data Gatherer.

This process takes only a few seconds!


€ 699.00

€ 734.00

€ 786.00

€ 815.00

Yellow System Starter Kit

Each Starter Kit  consists of:

  • 1 x  Vibration Recorder
  • 1 x  Data Gatherer
  • 1 x  Desk Reader
  • 1 x  Software

When thereafter further vehicles are to be equipped with vibration recorder, only these would need to be ordered, because all other necessary equipment is already part of your starter kit.

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